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an end to hunger

in Southwestern Pennsylvania!


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cartridge for a cause collects empty, outdated or surplus ink/toner cartridges and cell phones at your place of business at NO CHARGE TO YOU.  We then recycle and reuse whatever we can.

Every cartridge or cell phone that we collect could translate into one meal or more donated to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

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who we are 

recycling for charity:

​feed a child in need

who we are


the program

Our local charity partner is Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  They are a non-profit organization that collects and distributes food through a 380+ member network in 11 counties in Southwestern PA.

It is very simple for your company/organization to get involved in this great cause.  We will provide you with recycling bins and all marketing materials that you will need to help to inform your employees about the program.

cfac is garnering a lot of attention in Western Pennsylvania because of what we do.  Be a part of the Green Movement by keeping your empties out of our nation's landfills.  Your efforts could also help to feed those in need.



By simply changing a habit by recycling your waste inkjet and toner cartridges instead of throwing them out, you can help to raise funds for local non profit organization Greater PittsburghCommunity Food Bank.  We'll also take your used cell phones and surplus ink and toner cartridges.  With your efforts we can donate hundreds and sometimes thousands of meals monthly to the Food Bank!

get your company involved in this great program


cartridge for a cause in just a short time in business has already been able to donate the equivalent of over 7,880 MEALS to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank!  

Your donations in action